Eight years ago, two veterans left the Iraqi battlefield they had become so familiar with and returned to America. Faced with economic, social, emotional, and psychological changes, they have spent those years readjusting to the society they had once considered normal. With the will to heal, they have come together to form a community of peer support known as the Veterans’ Sanctuary. To build this community, they live together, work on a local organic farm, and participate in art therapy.

No Longer Your Prisoner is the story of the transition of these two veterans from combat life in Iraq to civilian life in Trumansburg, New York. This documentary tells the emotional story of their healing process up to a climactic Veterans Day, where, in several public “guerilla style” performances, they express their true feelings about the war they were so immersed in. They are battling their PTSD together, with the hopes of eventually reaching happiness on the other side, no longer being a prisoner of their past.


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