Lauren Barber

Lauren is a 21-year-old journalism student at Ithaca College. She was born and raised in a  small town in southern New Hampshire, pinned between the coastline and Boston.  Throw her on a wakeboard and put a New England Patriots jersey on her, and she’ll be  happy for quite some time. Her passions lie in telling people’s stories, whether that be  with a pen or through a lens. She hopes to continue testing the waters of documentary  journalism for as long as she can hold a camera.


Gillian Smith


Gillian is a journalism student at Ithaca College who is still getting used to the idea of graduating. She is from Cape Cod, Massachusetts and has always been the curious cat. She will forever be happier behind a camera than in front of it, and has an odd affinity for hours spent working with Final Cut. With big travel plans in her future, she plans on documenting every experience in the hopes that it will both improve her skill as a journalist and lead to some invaluable discoveries.


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